Beltera Bespoke Embroidered Hat Art is created by artist and designer Jules Holland

Each piece is sketched freehand without the use of patterns or stencils and then embroidered by hand with care and precision. Jules Chooses her colours instinctually as she stitches, working meticulously without the use of machines. Ensuring each design is unique.

Beltera’s incredibly unique process can take up to 30 hours to complete, this is slow fashion in its most patient and devoted form. Love and Magic is weaved into every design.

Order your own bespoke hand-embroidered hat, contact Jules through the Beltera website or social media to begin your bespoke piece.



Have a browse through our social media channels to be inspired by the countless Beltera Originals and bespoke client orders. Be warned that you might find so many you love it could actually make it harder to choose! Our instagram page is a great first stop.


Scroll through the Beltera website to view our range of exclusive designs that have been matched with complementary hats. This is the fastest way to get a Beltera on your head as the wait time is less than custom orders; with Laybuy available this is a popular option for hat lovers.



Get in contact with Beltera by contacting our dedicated instagram page for orders and correspondence @bespoke_beltera or through the submission box below. Here you can chat about what type of design you would love and what type of hat you would like.


Send us your hat! No hat is too old, worn or sentimental. We understand that a well worn hat is invaluable and respect the absolute privilege it is to stitch into someones beloved, beaten up, cow tagged and dusty ol’ felt hat. Contact Beltera through the submission box or via @bespoke_beltera on Instagram to get the process started.



All orders require a deposit of $200 to be confirmed and added to the waitlist.

Deposits are fully refundable if your hat has not been ordered and stitching has not yet begun.

If your hat has been ordered, deposits are 50% refundable.

If stitching has begun and you require your order to be cancelled, the deposit is forfeited.

The waitlist currently entails a sixteen week or more wait time.

Beltera does offer an ‘Express Order’ service on a case by case basis. If you are in a bit of a rush for an event or upcoming birthday present feel free to enquire about this option. Express orders are subject to my current work load, the amount of work required in the design and what hats are currently in stock.

~ 48 Hr completion of embroidery at 50% of order price

~ 14 days completion of embroidery at 25% of order price.

Curious about the process or would like to create something beautiful together? Get in touch darling!

Thank you for your enquiry! Our artist, designer and embroidery queen (Jules) will get back to you in a jiffy