Audrey by Beltera


Australian golden wattle delicately embroidered in hundreds of french knots on a base of teal wool felt.


Beltera hat art is a unique process that can take up to 30 hours to complete depending on the detail and complexity of the design. Each floral design starts with prelininary sketches and botanical research then the art is hand drawn onto the hat and finally the design is meticulously embroidered stitch by stich. No two hats of the same design are ever the same. They are made with love to be treasured and admired for years to come.


Audrey is embroidered onto the iconic 'Dingo' from Byron Bay hat label Fallen Broken Street. This sepreme quality hat is made from 100% wool felt has a 7 cm brim and 11 cm Crown. the hat itself is RRP $99.95. For every Fallen Broken Street hat purchased 365 days of clean, safe drinking water will provided to someone in need!If you are in love with this design but would like to make it your own by making any changes please send Jules a message.


Currently there is about a six month wait on embroidery designs.



  •  M/L 57 CM

  • Currently there is about a six month wait on embroidery designs.

    This design comes with the option of 'Express Order'on a case by case basis. 

    If you are in a bit of a rush, maybe a little unorganised (I feel ya babe) and need your beautiful embroidered hat for an upcoming event or last minute pressie please contact Jules and enquire about this option.

    Express Orders are subject to Jules' work load, the amount of work involved in each specific design and what hats are currently in stock.

    48 hour completion of embroidery at 50% of order price.

    1 week completion of embroidery at 25% of order price.