Banjo - Akubra Territory

Banjo - Akubra Territory

Banjo by Beltera


This incredible design was created specifically for the Akubra Territory. A perfect marriage of ocean, land and sky.


Each Beltera design starts with preliminary sketches and research, then the art is hand drawn onto the hat and finally the design is meticulously embroidered stitch by stich. No two hats of the same design are ever the same. They are made with love to be treasured and admired for years to come. Designs can take 10-30 hours to complete with flower crown designs taking up to 50 hours to embroider by hand.


All designs are made to order and embroidered for the client once the order is place and currently there is about a six month wait on embroidery designs.


The Akubra Territory is a 102mm wide brimmed hat designed for extra protection from the sun and rain and will keep your total face and neck in the shade. A great hat for the working man or woman that is exposed to the great outdoors. It is supreme sun and rain protection. This is one of Akubra's most popular stock hats. The brim is tilted down in front and rear to assist shade and rain flow. The pre-creased crown height is 90mm and two large eyelets on each side for ventilation. Imperial Quality pure fur felt and waterproof. The leather hat band is leather with decorative embossing and Akubra Bronze badge.

The Territory has a reeded roan leather sweatband to help wick away the sweat. This popular Akubra hat is named after the Northern Territory in Australia as they surely need a wide brim hat in the Aussie top end! A great Aussie hat from the Akubra Country Collection.

Hat bands are all made by hand and not mass produced. They vary in shape, thickness and colour. No two hat bands are the same and this is considered a natural part and unique part of the leather product.  

Key Features:

  • Akubra Imperial Quality
  • Pure Fur Felt 
  • Brim width: 102 mm, Cut Edge
  • Crown height: 90mm
  • Ornamental Leather Akubra Band 
  • Reeded Roan Leather Sweatband 
  • 2 Large Eyelets on Either Side for Ventilation 
  • Weatherproof 
  • UPF50+
  • Made in Australia by Akubra
  • This hat is unlined as it is considered a working hat not a show hat. 
  • Available in Four Colour: Santone Fawn, Khaki, Black and Sand


  • Each Beltera design and order is different to the next so please let me know if there is anything I can do to customise the process to your requirements or desires. Currently there is about a six month wait on embroidery designs.

    I offer an ‘Express Order’ service on a case by case basis. If you are in a bit of a rush for an event or upcoming birthday present feel free to enquire about this option. Express orders are subject to my current work load, the amount of work required in the design and what hats are currently in stock. ~ 48 Hr completion of embroidery at 50% of order price ~ 7 days completion of embroidery at 25% of order price. Please contact me directly if you would like to enquire about this option.