Design your own Bespoke Embroidered Hat with Jules Holland, the artist and designer behind Beltera. All orders are subject to a 6 month wait.

After a consultation process with Jules she will give you an exact quote. Quotes for our single sided designs usually vary from $420 to $820. As you can imagine the price increases from there if you would like to have the design on both sides of the hat. Our ‘Flower Crown’ designs that go the whole way around the brim are usually appox 4 times the amount of work as a single sided design, quotes for these vary between $800 and $1600. Keep in mind that the price is dependent on the amount of work and detail involved in the design. So you can can work together to create the perfect design that suits your budget.

Custom hat orders usually take 15-30 hours
with flower crown designs taking up to and over 50 hours to embroider by hand, they are all bespoke, individually designed and hand drawn onto the hat before embroidered so no two are ever the same. They are designed and made with love to be treasured and admired for years to come. 

Beltera Bespoke Order - DEPOSIT