Botanical Embroidery Deluxe Kit

Botanical Embroidery Deluxe Kit


This gorgeous deluxe embroidery kit comes complete with everything you need to create your very own Australian Botanical Embroidery Art! Including a gorgeous canvas tote bag to carry all your beautiful bits and bobs with you. Head to yo local cafe, set up with a coffee and enjoy the meditative practice that is the art of embroidery.

Each kit contains a beautifully printed instructions and a beginners guide to embroidery that takes you through the project step by step (with photos) to help guide you through all the stitches needed to create the designs. Plus more tips, tricks and stitches to help you create future projects.

Included in this deluxe embroidery kit:

Natural linen with the pattern drawn on for you
Wooden embroidery hoop
Gold plated scissors
The cutest tomato pin cushion
13 full skines of embroidery thread (with plenty left over to keep on creating)
2 embroidery needles
Canvas tote carry bag