‘Storm Front Over The Coral Sea’ Currently on exhibition at the 127 Gallery in Avoca and available for purchase on my website. 
1200X900 • Oil on composite board • $1200

I took the photo that inspired this painting while hiking through Cape Hillsborough National Park carrying out prescribed burning duties as a Park Ranger, we were aiming for a cool burn with high humidity and were hopeful with an oncoming storm. We trrudged through the Aussie scrub, climbing up and down ridge lines lighting the fire with a very scientific and technically special led sling shot 😉. We were making our way back out of the Bush, lighting up the ridge lines as we retreated and as we came over the last rise we were met with the sight you can see in the painting. We climbed down onto the sand and trekked back to our vehicles along the beach, I remember sinking into the sand, weighed down with my backpack helmet and fire gear

This is a large and heavy item that requires delicate transport. Pick up from gallery is preferred but shipping can be arranged within Australia which will be calculated on byers address.

Stormfront Over The Coral Sea