To be held on at the Honeybee Collective on Granville Street, right across from Main Beach in Emu Park, dates currently to be advised.


The perfect cosy location to enjoy a morning of creative indulgence. Goddess Sculpting teaches how to practice self-love through the medium of clay in a fun welcoming atmosphere. By literally re-creating yourself out of clay Goddess Sculpting teaches you how to practice self-love through focussing on our body and moulding them with love and kindness. Playing with and exposing our insecurities regarding image and loving ourselves through perfectyionism and critisism. Goddess Sculpting is inspired by the ancient Venus Figurine, an ancient sculpture of a woman with large hips and Breasts and a round (possibly pregnant) belly. The opitame of beauty, how thing have changed. Students will use air-dry clay and will be able to take their personal goddess figurine home with them to place in their home. While it may just look like a figurine or decorative peice to visitors, it will be a reminder of your unique beauty and to always choose self love and kindness. All clay and sculpting supplies will be included in the class.

Emu Park - Goddess Sculpting | A self portrait in Clay